1-2 Curet

Item provided by: TechTol Imaging, LLC ®


  • Rounded toe, curved working end, blade and back for easy subgingival insertion.
  • Used on both supra and subgingival surfaces.
  • One cutting edge.
  • When the terminal shank is perpendicular to the floor, the lower edge is the cutting edge.
  • Always adapt the terminal 1 mm. working end to the tooth! Keep rolling!
  • Light exploratory grasp and exploratory stroke (going sub)
  • Very firm grasp, fulcrum and working stroke when scaling away from JE
  • Strokes must be overlapping and 1-3 mm. in length.
  • Use midline to proximal on anterior teeth. Overlap at midline and col areas.
  • Keep shank parallel on all surfaces.
  • Keep face at a 70-80 degree angle to the tooth.